Defined in awkward.operations.structure on line 4590.

ak.isclose(a, b, rtol=1e-05, atol=1e-08, equal_nan=False, highlevel=True, behavior=None)
  • a – First array to compare.

  • b – Second array to compare.

  • rtol (float) – The relative tolerance parameter.

  • atol (float) – The absolute tolerance parameter.

  • equal_nan (bool) – Whether to compare NaN as equal. If True, NaN in a will be considered equal to NaN in b.

  • highlevel (bool) – If True, return an ak.Array; otherwise, return a low-level ak.layout.Content subclass.

  • behavior (None or dict) – Custom ak.behavior for the output array, if high-level.

Implements np.isclose for Awkward Arrays.