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class ak._typeparser.generated_parser.LarkOptions(self, options_dict)


ak._typeparser.generated_parser.LarkOptions.OPTIONS_DOC = '\n    **===  General Options  ===**\n\n    start\n            The start symbol. Either a string, or a list of strings for multiple possible starts (Default: "start")\n    debug\n            Display debug information and extra warnings. Use only when debugging (default: False)\n            When used with Earley, it generates a forest graph as "sppf.png", if \'dot\' is installed.\n    transformer\n            Applies the transformer to every parse tree (equivalent to applying it after the parse, but faster)\n    propagate_positions\n            Propagates (line, column, end_line, end_column) attributes into all tree branches.\n    maybe_placeholders\n            When True, the ``[]`` operator returns ``None`` when not matched.\n\n            When ``False``,  ``[]`` behaves like the ``?`` operator, and returns no value at all.\n            (default= ``False``. Recommended to set to ``True``)\n    cache\n            Cache the results of the Lark grammar analysis, for x2 to x3 faster loading. LALR only for now.\n\n            - When ``False``, does nothing (default)\n            - When ``True``, caches to a temporary file in the local directory\n            - When given a string, caches to the path pointed by the string\n    regex\n            When True, uses the ``regex`` module instead of the stdlib ``re``.\n    g_regex_flags\n            Flags that are applied to all terminals (both regex and strings)\n    keep_all_tokens\n            Prevent the tree builder from automagically removing "punctuation" tokens (default: False)\n    tree_class\n            Lark will produce trees comprised of instances of this class instead of the default ``lark.Tree``.\n\n    **=== Algorithm Options ===**\n\n    parser\n            Decides which parser engine to use. Accepts "earley" or "lalr". (Default: "earley").\n            (there is also a "cyk" option for legacy)\n    lexer\n            Decides whether or not to use a lexer stage\n\n            - "auto" (default): Choose for me based on the parser\n            - "standard": Use a standard lexer\n            - "contextual": Stronger lexer (only works with parser="lalr")\n            - "dynamic": Flexible and powerful (only with parser="earley")\n            - "dynamic_complete": Same as dynamic, but tries *every* variation of tokenizing possible.\n    ambiguity\n            Decides how to handle ambiguity in the parse. Only relevant if parser="earley"\n\n            - "resolve": The parser will automatically choose the simplest derivation\n              (it chooses consistently: greedy for tokens, non-greedy for rules)\n            - "explicit": The parser will return all derivations wrapped in "_ambig" tree nodes (i.e. a forest).\n            - "forest": The parser will return the root of the shared packed parse forest.\n\n    **=== Misc. / Domain Specific Options ===**\n\n    postlex\n            Lexer post-processing (Default: None) Only works with the standard and contextual lexers.\n    priority\n            How priorities should be evaluated - auto, none, normal, invert (Default: auto)\n    lexer_callbacks\n            Dictionary of callbacks for the lexer. May alter tokens during lexing. Use with caution.\n    use_bytes\n            Accept an input of type ``bytes`` instead of ``str`` (Python 3 only).\n    edit_terminals\n            A callback for editing the terminals before parse.\n    import_paths\n            A List of either paths or loader functions to specify from where grammars are imported\n    source_path\n            Override the source of from where the grammar was loaded. Useful for relative imports and unconventional grammar loading\n\n    **=== End Options ===**\n    '


ak._typeparser.generated_parser.LarkOptions._defaults = {'debug': False, 'keep_all_tokens': False, 'tree_class': None, 'cache': False, 'postlex': None, 'parser': 'earley', 'lexer': 'auto', 'transformer': None, 'start': 'start', 'priority': 'auto', 'ambiguity': 'auto', 'regex': False, 'propagate_positions': False, 'lexer_callbacks': {}, 'maybe_placeholders': False, 'edit_terminals': None, 'g_regex_flags': 0, 'use_bytes': False, 'import_paths': [], 'source_path': None}


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