kernel-utils.h File Reference
#include "common.h"

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EXPORT_SYMBOL int8_t awkward_Index8_getitem_at_nowrap (const int8_t *ptr, int64_t at)
EXPORT_SYMBOL uint8_t awkward_IndexU8_getitem_at_nowrap (const uint8_t *ptr, int64_t at)
EXPORT_SYMBOL int32_t awkward_Index32_getitem_at_nowrap (const int32_t *ptr, int64_t at)
EXPORT_SYMBOL uint32_t awkward_IndexU32_getitem_at_nowrap (const uint32_t *ptr, int64_t at)
EXPORT_SYMBOL int64_t awkward_Index64_getitem_at_nowrap (const int64_t *ptr, int64_t at)
EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_Index8_setitem_at_nowrap (int8_t *ptr, int64_t at, int8_t value)
EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_IndexU8_setitem_at_nowrap (uint8_t *ptr, int64_t at, uint8_t value)
EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_Index32_setitem_at_nowrap (int32_t *ptr, int64_t at, int32_t value)
EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_IndexU32_setitem_at_nowrap (uint32_t *ptr, int64_t at, uint32_t value)
EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_Index64_setitem_at_nowrap (int64_t *ptr, int64_t at, int64_t value)
EXPORT_SYMBOL bool awkward_NumpyArraybool_getitem_at0 (const bool *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL int8_t awkward_NumpyArray8_getitem_at0 (const int8_t *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL uint8_t awkward_NumpyArrayU8_getitem_at0 (const uint8_t *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL int16_t awkward_NumpyArray16_getitem_at0 (const int16_t *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL uint16_t awkward_NumpyArrayU16_getitem_at0 (const uint16_t *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL int32_t awkward_NumpyArray32_getitem_at0 (const int32_t *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL uint32_t awkward_NumpyArrayU32_getitem_at0 (const uint32_t *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL int64_t awkward_NumpyArray64_getitem_at0 (const int64_t *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL uint64_t awkward_NumpyArrayU64_getitem_at0 (const uint64_t *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL float awkward_NumpyArrayfloat32_getitem_at0 (const float *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL double awkward_NumpyArrayfloat64_getitem_at0 (const double *ptr)
EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_regularize_rangeslice (int64_t *start, int64_t *stop, bool posstep, bool hasstart, bool hasstop, int64_t length)
EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_ListArray_combinations_step_64 (int64_t **tocarry, int64_t *toindex, int64_t *fromindex, int64_t j, int64_t stop, int64_t n, bool replacement)
EXPORT_SYMBOL void * awkward_malloc (int64_t bytelength)
EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_free (void const *ptr)

Function Documentation

◆ awkward_free()

EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_free ( void const *  ptr)

◆ awkward_Index32_getitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL int32_t awkward_Index32_getitem_at_nowrap ( const int32_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at 

◆ awkward_Index32_setitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_Index32_setitem_at_nowrap ( int32_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at,
int32_t  value 

◆ awkward_Index64_getitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL int64_t awkward_Index64_getitem_at_nowrap ( const int64_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at 

◆ awkward_Index64_setitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_Index64_setitem_at_nowrap ( int64_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at,
int64_t  value 

◆ awkward_Index8_getitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL int8_t awkward_Index8_getitem_at_nowrap ( const int8_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at 

◆ awkward_Index8_setitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_Index8_setitem_at_nowrap ( int8_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at,
int8_t  value 

◆ awkward_IndexU32_getitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL uint32_t awkward_IndexU32_getitem_at_nowrap ( const uint32_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at 

◆ awkward_IndexU32_setitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_IndexU32_setitem_at_nowrap ( uint32_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at,
uint32_t  value 

◆ awkward_IndexU8_getitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL uint8_t awkward_IndexU8_getitem_at_nowrap ( const uint8_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at 

◆ awkward_IndexU8_setitem_at_nowrap()

EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_IndexU8_setitem_at_nowrap ( uint8_t *  ptr,
int64_t  at,
uint8_t  value 

◆ awkward_ListArray_combinations_step_64()

EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_ListArray_combinations_step_64 ( int64_t **  tocarry,
int64_t *  toindex,
int64_t *  fromindex,
int64_t  j,
int64_t  stop,
int64_t  n,
bool  replacement 

◆ awkward_malloc()

EXPORT_SYMBOL void* awkward_malloc ( int64_t  bytelength)

◆ awkward_NumpyArray16_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL int16_t awkward_NumpyArray16_getitem_at0 ( const int16_t *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArray32_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL int32_t awkward_NumpyArray32_getitem_at0 ( const int32_t *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArray64_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL int64_t awkward_NumpyArray64_getitem_at0 ( const int64_t *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArray8_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL int8_t awkward_NumpyArray8_getitem_at0 ( const int8_t *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArraybool_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL bool awkward_NumpyArraybool_getitem_at0 ( const bool *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArrayfloat32_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL float awkward_NumpyArrayfloat32_getitem_at0 ( const float *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArrayfloat64_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL double awkward_NumpyArrayfloat64_getitem_at0 ( const double *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArrayU16_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL uint16_t awkward_NumpyArrayU16_getitem_at0 ( const uint16_t *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArrayU32_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL uint32_t awkward_NumpyArrayU32_getitem_at0 ( const uint32_t *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArrayU64_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL uint64_t awkward_NumpyArrayU64_getitem_at0 ( const uint64_t *  ptr)

◆ awkward_NumpyArrayU8_getitem_at0()

EXPORT_SYMBOL uint8_t awkward_NumpyArrayU8_getitem_at0 ( const uint8_t *  ptr)

◆ awkward_regularize_rangeslice()

EXPORT_SYMBOL void awkward_regularize_rangeslice ( int64_t *  start,
int64_t *  stop,
bool  posstep,
bool  hasstart,
bool  hasstop,
int64_t  length