Slice Member List

This is the complete list of members for Slice, including all inherited members.

append(const SliceItemPtr &item)Slice
append(const SliceAt &item)Slice
append(const SliceRange &item)Slice
append(const SliceEllipsis &item)Slice
append(const SliceNewAxis &item)Slice
append(const SliceArray64 &item)Slice
append(const SliceField &item)Slice
append(const SliceFields &item)Slice
append(const SliceMissing64 &item)Slice
append(const SliceJagged64 &item)Slice
dimlength() constSlice
head() constSlice
isadvanced() constSlice
items() constSlice
length() constSlice
not_fields() constSlice
only_fields() constSlice
prepended(const SliceItemPtr &item) constSlice
referentially_equal(const Slice &other) constSlice
sealed() constSlice
Slice(const std::vector< SliceItemPtr > &items, bool sealed)Slice
Slice(const std::vector< SliceItemPtr > &items)Slice
tail() constSlice
tostring() constSlice