Form Member List

This is the complete list of members for Form, including all inherited members.

branch_depth() const =0Formpure virtual
dimension_optiontype() const =0Formpure virtual
equal(const FormPtr &other, bool check_identities, bool check_parameters, bool check_form_key, bool compatibility_check) const =0Formpure virtual
fieldindex(const std::string &key) const =0Formpure virtual
Form(bool has_identities, const util::Parameters &parameters, const FormKey &form_key)Form
form_key() constForm
form_key_equals(const FormKey &other_form_key) constForm
form_key_tojson(ToJson &builder, bool verbose) constForm
fromjson(const std::string &data)Formstatic
fromnumpy(char kind, int64_t itemsize, const std::vector< int64_t > &inner_shape)Formstatic
getitem_field(const std::string &key) const =0Formpure virtual
getitem_fields(const std::vector< std::string > &keys) const =0Formpure virtual
getitem_range() constFormvirtual
has_identities() constForm
haskey(const std::string &key) const =0Formpure virtual
identities_tojson(ToJson &builder, bool verbose) constForm
istuple() const =0Formpure virtual
key(int64_t fieldindex) const =0Formpure virtual
keys() const =0Formpure virtual
minmax_depth() const =0Formpure virtual
numfields() const =0Formpure virtual
parameter(const std::string &key) constForm
parameter_equals(const std::string &key, const std::string &value) constForm
parameters() constForm
parameters_tojson(ToJson &builder, bool verbose) constForm
purelist_depth() const =0Formpure virtual
purelist_isregular() const =0Formpure virtual
purelist_parameter(const std::string &key) const =0Formpure virtual
shallow_copy() const =0Formpure virtual
tojson(bool pretty, bool verbose) constFormvirtual
tojson_part(ToJson &builder, bool verbose) const =0Formpure virtual
tostring() constFormvirtual
type(const util::TypeStrs &typestrs) const =0Formpure virtual
with_form_key(const FormKey &form_key) const =0Formpure virtual