Slice.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <memory>
#include "awkward/common.h"
#include "awkward/Index.h"

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class  SliceItem
 Abstract class for slice items, which are elements of a tuple passed to an array's __getitem__ in Python. More...
class  SliceAt
 Represents an integer in a tuple of slices passed to __getitem__ in Python. More...
class  SliceRange
 Represents a Python slice object (usual syntax: array[start:stop:step]). More...
class  SliceEllipsis
 Represents a Python Ellipsis object (usual syntax: array[...]). More...
class  SliceNewAxis
 Represents NumPy's newaxis marker (a.k.a. None), which prompts __getitem__ to insert a length-1 regular dimension (RegularArray) at some point in the slice tuple. More...
class  SliceArrayOf< T >
 Represents an array of integers in a slice (possibly converted from an array of booleans). More...
class  SliceField
 Represents a single string in a slice tuple, indicating that a RecordArray should be replaced by one of its fields. More...
class  SliceFields
class  SliceMissingOf< T >
 Represents a SliceArrayOf, SliceMissingOf, or SliceJaggedOf with missing values: None (no equivalent in NumPy). More...
class  SliceJaggedOf< T >
 Represents an array of nested lists, where the content may be SliceArrayOf, SliceMissingOf, or SliceJaggedOf (no equivalent in NumPy). More...
class  Slice
 A sequence of SliceItem objects representing a tuple passed to Python's __getitem__. More...




using SliceItemPtr = std::shared_ptr< SliceItem >
using SliceArray64 = SliceArrayOf< int64_t >
using SliceMissing64 = SliceMissingOf< int64_t >
using SliceJagged64 = SliceJaggedOf< int64_t >