IndexedArray.h File Reference
#include <string>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "awkward/common.h"
#include "awkward/Slice.h"
#include "awkward/Index.h"
#include "awkward/Content.h"

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class  IndexedForm
 Form describing IndexedArray (with OPTION = false). More...
class  IndexedOptionForm
 Form describing IndexedOptionArray. More...
class  IndexedArrayOf< T, ISOPTION >
 Filters, rearranges, and/or duplicates items in its content through an index, which has the same effect as lazily-applied carry. More...




using IndexedArray32 = IndexedArrayOf< int32_t, false >
using IndexedArrayU32 = IndexedArrayOf< uint32_t, false >
using IndexedArray64 = IndexedArrayOf< int64_t, false >
using IndexedOptionArray32 = IndexedArrayOf< int32_t, true >
using IndexedOptionArray64 = IndexedArrayOf< int64_t, true >