Defined in awkward.operations.ak_to_list on line 10.


Converts array (many types supported, including all Awkward Arrays and Records) into Python objects. If array is not recognized as an array, it is passed through as-is.

Awkward Array types have the following Pythonic translations.

  • ak.types.NumpyType: converted into bool, int, float, datetimes, etc. (Same as NumPy’s ndarray.tolist.)

  • ak.types.OptionType: missing values are converted into None.

  • ak.types.ListType: converted into list.

  • ak.types.RegularType: also converted into list. Python (and JSON) forms lose information about the regularity of list lengths.

  • ak.types.ListType with parameter "__array__" equal to "__bytestring__": converted into bytes.

  • ak.types.ListType with parameter "__array__" equal to "__string__": converted into str.

  • ak.types.RecordArray without field names: converted into tuple.

  • ak.types.RecordArray with field names: converted into dict.

  • ak.types.UnionArray: Python data are naturally heterogeneous.

See also ak.from_iter and ak.Array.tolist.